Royal Purple theme for AmCham South China’s Winter Ball 2023 is a tribute to timeless elegance and prestige. Purple, historically linked to nobility and luxury, sets the stage for an opulent and regal evening. As you step into this enchanting world, immerse yourself in an ambiance fit for royalty. The deep, rich hues evoke a sense of grandeur and sophistication, inviting you to embrace your inner monarch. Join us for a night where elegance reigns supreme, and experience a touch of timeless beauty in the modern world.

What’s Winter Ball?

Over 20 years the Most Glamorous Event of the Year

Over 500 Well-Dressed Who-Is Who of South China C-Suite Executives

Over 1,000,000 RMB in Door Prizes

Dozens of Senior Government Officials

Over 40 Consuls General of Foreign Countries

All-Night Music, Fine Wines and Drinks, great food

Fabulous Bands, DJ, Dance till you drop

Showcase your business to those who count  

Be there, Be Seen, Be an Elite and Be a Superstar

Winter Ball’s History

Since 2006, we have launched different themes in each year…

2006 “Rock & Roll” 

2007 “Disco Fever”

2019 “Love and Peace”

2020 “Hope”

2021 “A Night of Rock”

What’s Next?

Time:November 18(Saturday), 2023


Venue:LN Garden, Guangzhou



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Ms. Charlene Chen/Ms. Joyce Hu
Tel: (86 20) 8335 1476 Extension 33/20

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