Winnie Ho – 广州岭南五号酒店服务行政员 – Service Administrator, LN Hotel Five, Guangzhou.
DB: 广州岭南五号酒店一直与中国传统的“五行”元素有着神秘的联系,能和我们说说这个概念吗? It is interesting to know that LN Hotel Five has something to do with the “Theory of Five Elements”. What is the concept about?

The LN Hotel Five’s name was inspired by the “Theory of Five Elements,” which in traditional Chinese culture refers to a spirit of balance, harmony, and inclusion. The name was also chosen in honor of the city of Guangzhou, which is also known as the “City of Five Rams.” True to its name, the LN Hotel Five aspires to contribute to the harmony of its host city and to embrace diverse guest from around the world.

DB: 很多慧眼人士都有提及酒店的位置十分特殊,请问它的特殊性在哪?Many KOLs mention that you have a unique location. In what sense is it unique?

We are unique because the hotel is centrally located in the heart of the art, literature and music district which are the ultimate expressions of culture. One can spend days unearthing Guangzhou’s rich colonial history, colorful nights in the countless nearby restaurants, bars and clubs. Along the hotel’s location on Riverside Road, European modernism is reflected in facades that evoke a sense of light and clean lines, a feature also evident in the design of the hotel’s entrance.

DB: 广州岭南五号酒店是广州第一家高档精品酒店。请问你能说出三个让它与广州其它非精品酒店不一样的特色吗? LN Hotel Five is the first boutique hotel in Guangzhou (GZ). Could you name three features that make it stand out from other non-boutique hotels in GZ?

1. 岭南五号酒店是广州首家高端休闲精品酒店,为顾客提供奢华和舒适的个性化服务。我们不设接待台,直接进房登记入住。另外,我们提供客人全天的早餐服务,以适应商旅住客的时差需求。
The LN Hotel Five is the 1st member of Small Luxury Hotels (SLH) in Guangzhou, providing luxurious, tailor-made service to our guest. We do not have a reception counter, therefore, we only provide in-room check in. In addition, we provide guests with all-day breakfast; this provides convenience to our guests with jetlag.

2. 如“海上丝绸之路”,我们为住客提供探索广州历史的机会,让他们随心随地体验岭南本地文化、建筑、艺术和美景。
In keeping with its “Maritime Silk Road” theme, the LN Hotel Five presents each guest with an opportunity to explore the history, architecture, folk culture, art and scenery of Guangzhou.

3. 在五号书廊,我们珍藏了来自世界各地的书录,让客人们可以尽情放松地沉浸在书中的文化世界,感受艺术般人生。
In the library, we display books from around the world, and book series about world culture and history, which allow guests to escape from a busy daily life to leisurely indulge in a world of art and culture.

DB: 在酒店的“五号茶居”和“五号酒吧”之间,你个人更喜欢哪个?为什么?Between “Tea 5” and “Bar 5”, which one do you personally prefer and why?

It is difficult to choose. Each has their own unique qualities. Tea 5 is a fine dining Cantonese restaurant. From our plates to décor, the atmosphere is the perfect blend of past and present Guangzhou. Bar 5, on the other hand, is a relaxed environment with outdoor seating and 180-degree view of Pearl River. We have created a fun new cocktail game inspired by the ancient tradition of Chinese fortune sticks. Guests at Bar 5 can shake the bamboo barrel until lucky fortune sticks with a signature drink name is shaken out!

DB: 广州岭南五号酒店会为客人游玩探索珠江提供什么服务呢?What can LN Hotel Five offer to help tourists explore the Pearl River?

We provide Pearl River Cruise tickets by request. In the evenings, there is a splendid display of lighting and decoration along both sides of the Pearl River. A river cruise is an unforgettable way to experience the Pearl River. For guests that want a more intimate and relaxed schedule, we provide private tours and it’s accommodated by our staffs.

DB:我们能从什么渠道了解更多‘广州岭南五号酒店’?Where can we get more information about LN Hotel Five?

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