DB:请问您会用哪几个词来描述您的艺术风格? In a few words, how would you describe your artistic style?

Weird, Imaginative and Unexpected.

DB: 您是从哪里获得灵感的? From where do you seek your inspiration?

Most of my drawings are related to interactions between two people. I love collecting stories. My friends love sharing them with me and that inspires me a lot. I also love walking on the street at night and observing those night-walkers to get inspiration. Sometimes images just pop up in my head and I don’t know the meaning until I finally finish drawing. So, I would say my inspiration comes from my day to day life, conversations between my friends and sometimes just a random thought in my mind.

DB: 在您的Instagram页面里,有许多图片的人脸都是被一些物品或者表情符号挡住的。请问这么做的原因是? On your Instagram, there are lots of pictures of people but with their faces obscured by objects or emojis. What is the intention behind this decision?

Most of my drawings are inspired by friends’ stories and my own observations. To obscure the face in my drawing, I want to avoid creating a “personality” of the character. The audiences can project a person they know or think of onto the drawings.

DB: 您希望大家怎么看待您的画作? How do you hope people respond to your art?

When people looking at my drawings, I hope they can get connected to it through their own life experiences. People always ask me what is the theme or the story behind the drawings and I always refuse to answer. The feeling they got through my drawing might not the same as I wanted to bring out. I think that’s the most exciting thing – that we are looking at the same thing but thinking about a whole different thing. That’s why I really love and enjoy hearing the audience’s feeling and thoughts after looking at my drawings.

DB: 请问您在撞艺术里负责一些什么?我们的读者还可以从哪里看到更多您的作品? What is your involvement with Accidental Art and where can our readers go to see more of your work?

I am currently working on a few projects with Accidental Art and I can’t wait to see the final result. Accidental Art has given me great opportunities to introduce my art to the public which I am very grateful for.

I have an Instagram account for my illustrations: mr.chuntao_illustration

DB: 最后,可以向我们介绍一位您最喜欢的艺术家吗? Finally, do you have a favorite artist?

最近我很喜欢的艺术家是Marion Fayolle,她是法国人。Marion总想通过她的作品把黑暗主题的事物和热情、爱、与渴望结合到一起。她是一位非常棒的故事讲述者,通过最少的设计,和一些简单的元素,就能讲出一个动人的故事。
Yes, I do. My favourite artist recently is Marion Fayolle. She is a French artist who always tries to convey dark themes related to passion, love and lust through her illustrations. She is a great storyteller. With minimal layout and just a few characters, she can tell a story.