(L- R) Joey Pather, CEO of GICEC and Gunther Beissel, CEO of MITEC after the signing of an MoU.

Kuala Lumpur, 12 October 2018 – The Malaysia International Trade & Exhibition Centre (MITEC) and Guangdong Tanzhou International Convention and Exhibition China sealed an exclusive collaborative partnership to ensure progress for the business events industry.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) which was recently signed between MITEC and GICEC, marks the official partnership that is slated to increase cooperation and foster greater ties between two nations.

Signing on behalf of MITEC, Gunther Beissel, Chief Executive Officer, remarked that the economic giant continues to be a key target market for Malaysia especially when growth in bilateral trade relationships are strengthening year-on-year.

“Collaborations between the both countries in the business events industry is not unusual, but ours is the first centre-to-centre partnership. China is not only a pool of opportunities for business, but more importantly, the wealth of knowledge. Vice versa, Malaysia has its unique positioning in many aspects, especially as the world’s leading Halal hub.

This partnership will enable both parties to explore each other’s best practices through flexible, innovative and value-add solutions for the industry. MITEC is very pleased and we highly look forward to initiatives together,” said Beissel.

According to Joey Pather, CEO of GICEC, “One of GICEC’s prominence is our strategic location. GICEC is located at the center of Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macau Area, which is regarded by Chinese government as one of the key developing projects in their 13th “Five-year Strategy Plan” (2016-2020). As one of the business events industry’s gateway for China, I am delighted to be able to further widen our horizons through this partnership.

I am confident that this strategic alliance is not contained only between GICEC and MITEC. Our supply chains will benefit as much as us, from the technical know-hows, to generating leads up to converting it into business relationships. We are glad to be part of this impactful and dynamic effort”.

Both parties will be working closely to jointly promote and support exchange in profitable business leads linked to trade and public shows with potentials for international outreach and economic impact.