The HERE! Pool Party is one of China’s biggest and most exciting events. It’s an all-day mega-party at Dongguan’s massive outdoor pool, where partygoers can enjoy the delicious international food/drink street, live music and performances, fun games and activities, and more. Join us on September 4 & have a blast at this annual festival!


From the wild dance parties, fun slip n’ slide, concert-size stage with live music and performances, entertaining games and activities, and the international food street, the HERE! Pool Party is a jampacked day for people of all ages! Remember to tell your friends & family to buy Advance Tickets today + share this post!

从狂野的舞蹈派对,有趣的滑梯,如同音乐会大小的舞台将会有现场音乐和表演,娱乐游戏和活动,和国际美食街,HERE!泳池派对对所有年龄的人来说都是一个充实的日子!记得告诉你的朋友和家人今天要买预售票 + 分享这篇推文!

Tangla Pool / 唐拉雅秀酒泳池

Scan the QR Code to purchase Advance Tickets for 50 RMB today. Never wait last minute to grab tickets… just a reminder: Door Tickets will be DOUBLE the price at 100 RMB!

扫描二维码,今天可以以50元获得预售门票。不要等到最后一分钟才去购票哦!提醒一下: 现场门票价格将会是预售门票的两倍!价格为人民币100元!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Only 1,000 Advance Tickets are available, and sales are open until September 3 at 18:00. 

温馨提示: 只有1000张预售票发售,售票截至时间为9月3日18:00。

Saturday, September 4,
12 pm – 9 pm

No. 4 Yin Bing Rd, Dongcheng, Dongguan

Advance Tickets —50 RMB
· General admission + one free drink (beer or soft drinks)
· Under 1 meter free

星期六, 9月 4,
12 pm – 9 pm


预售票—50 RMB
·入场费 + 1杯免费饮品 (啤酒 或 软饮)
· 1米以下儿童免费

每年都有成百上千的人从其他城市来东莞参加HERE!泳池派对。为了能让你获得绝佳的体验,在唐拉雅秀酒店订个房间吧。在经历整天的泳池派对后能够获得绝佳的放松!到HERE! eTicketing预订一个房间吧。
Every year, hundreds of out-of-towners come to Dongguan and attend the HERE! Pool Party. To maximize your experience, book a room at the Tangla Hotel. It’s the perfect opportunity to unwind after an all-day pool party! Head over to the HERE! eTicketing site NOW to book a room.