The play Mr. Donkey won an extensive popularity among the Chinese audience after the huge success of its adapted version of the film in 2016. This play adopts black humor to present the evilness of the corrupted bureaucracy penetrating in a school of a rural area in China, which in the end unveils a social tragedy that allows viewers to have a deep reflection on the current Chinese education system. Mr. Donkey has swept the entire China and its stage-play tour will finally land in Huizhou On May, which will bring the audience a different viewing experience from the movie.

演出信息 Event Details:
时间 Time: 5月25号 May 25th,  20:00
地点 Venue: 惠州文化艺术中心 Huizhou Culture and Art Center
价格 Price: RMB 80,180,280,380,480
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