新张:全新岭居创享公寓落户珠江北岸文化长廊 | New Opening: LN Residence Opens at the Pearl River North Bank Cultural Corridor
新张:全新岭居创享公寓落户珠江北岸文化长廊 | New Opening: LN Residence Opens at the Pearl River North Bank Cultural Corridor

LN Holdings recently unveiled their new development – LN Residence, Changdi Guangzhou – on the north bank of Guangzhou’s Pearl River, highlighting brand value “Reinventing neighbors’ relationships inside metropolis”. LN Residence was awarded as Most Valuable Serviced Apartment Brand in China of 2018 with several properties being successfully set up in the Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area since last year’s brand launch.

The opening of LN Residence, Changdi Guangzhou marks first high-end serviced apartment to move into the core area of the Pearl River North Bank Cultural Corridor, bringing a brand-new high-quality residential solution for creative entrepreneurs, high-end business travelers and families with constant pursuit for excellence and exquisite craftsmanship.

LN Residence Room | 公寓客房
LN Residence Room | 公寓客房

LN Residence, Changdi Guangzhou is located adjacent to famous landmarks such as Oi Kwan Hotel, bearing indelible imprint of the city’s historical experience. Haizhu Square, the intersection of the city’s historical central axis with riverside landscape belt as well as a span-new commercial district that embraces urban culture, brings a dose of thriving economic vitality, where modern elite are capable of pursuing their urban dreams while enjoying leisurely Cantonese lifestyle in the old town.

 匠心之作,精而有致 | Ingenious & Sophisticated 
As a high-end serviced apartment which combines the city’s spirit with a waterfront living experience, LN Residence, Changdi Guangzhou aims to create a quality social space and residential environment for urban business elites and their families.

城市文脉的活力复兴: 153套公寓房间布局巧妙、设计考究,简洁的线条辅以原木色打造温馨宜人的居住氛围,黑白灰的冷暖色调搭配提升空间质感,豪华单间至两居室套房等不同房型满足多样化居住需求。住客可于房内拥揽180度珠江景致,欣赏风光迤逦的珠江两岸,也可漫步于沿江西路上,穿过粤海关、广州邮政博览馆、南方大厦等百年文物建筑群及充满欧陆风情的沙面岛,感受融合滨江景观与文化街区的地道广州生活。
Revived Vigor of City Heritage: 153 apartments are in considerate layout and well-designed by adopting simple lines complemented with wooden color to create an inviting atmosphere. Black, white and gray accents serve to enhance the texture of the space. Apartments ranging from luxury singles to two-bedroom suites meet diverse needs. Residents are able to enjoy 180° views of the Pearl River inside the rooms or stroll along Yanjiang Road, visiting century-old cultural relics such as Canton Custom House, Canton Postal Museum, Nanfang Building, and Shameen in colonial style. This district offer the lifestyle blends riverside landscape and cultural customs in an authentic way.

LN Residence Room | 公寓客房
LN Residence Room | 公寓客房

触手可及的智享空间: 公寓智能化再升级,为住客提供便捷私密的生活空间。宾客抵达公寓,即可智能入住快速完成入住手续。匠心考量融入不同生活场景,房内智能家居兼具实用性与艺术美:全屋灯光、空气净化系统一键智控,开放式厨房提供瑞士知名厨具品牌FRANKE全套智能厨电,轻松烹饪美味菜品,卧室甄选采用“柔和响应”及“完美支撑”设计的美国百年床品KING KOIL,带来健康舒适的睡眠体验。
Smart Space at your Fingertips: Smart home system provide residents with convenient and intimate of living spaces. Upon arrival at the apartments, guests are able to check in through self-service check-in terminal. Ingeniously considering different lives and lifestyles, the Smart Home’s intelligent furnishings and tools are both practical and artistic: Air conditioning, air purification and lights are all controlled from intelligent control panels. The open plan kitchen uses a full range of Swiss brand Franke’s smart appliances so as to make it easier than ever to cook at home while the bedroom’s King Koil (a century old American bedding brand) mattresses provide Soft Response and Perfect Support design for a healthy and comfortable sleep experience.

邻里共融的生活方式: 公寓的社交互动空间为生活在快节奏中的人们提供放松心灵之处,色彩饱满的休闲空间及活力四射的居住氛围为都市精英营造归属感及认同感。无论是在180度全江景健身空间里开启一场释放压力的有氧运动、在顶楼江景餐厅品尝一顿品种丰富的营养早餐、在岭阅图书馆开展一次启迪灵感的头脑风暴、在共享空间举办一个愉悦身心的聚餐活动、还是在珠江河畔体验一次极致放松的沿江漫步,岭居创享公寓鼓励住客们探索更多邻里共享的可能性,持续打造高端个性化的新型邻里关系和美好精致的新生活方式。
Inclusive Neighborhood Lifestyle: The apartment’s shared spaces gives residents a chance to catch a breath from the fast-paced world. Colorful leisure spaces and vibrant living atmosphere give urban elite a sense of belonging. Whether it’s a stress free experience exercising in the 180° river view fitness room, a nutritious breakfast at the river view restaurant on the top floor, an inspirational brainstorming session at the library, a fun gathering with friends at shared space, or a relaxing walk along the Pearl River, LN Residence encourages residents to explore more possibilities for experiencing the neighborhood and strives to create high-end personalized neighborhoods and a refined lifestyle.

传承匠心的品质服务: 岭居创享公寓(广州长堤)传承星级酒店服务标准,采用严格的门禁及监控措施保障住客的安全与隐私,在细节设置上精心打磨,24小时的安保、消防、维护、清洁服务为住客提供智能无忧的居住体验。公寓管家服务团队为每位入住的宾客建立一份管家档案,并根据住客喜好提供日常清理、房间送餐、委托代办等多元化服务,并提供生日派对、户外拓展、康养体验等定制化活动的悉心策划,如家人般倾听,体贴入微,将“岭南待客之道”融入日常点滴细节,为繁华都市生活注入人情味。
A Tradition of Quality Service: Inheriting star-rated hotel service in its genes, LN Residence, Changdi Guangzhou adopt strict access control and monitoring measures so as to ensure residents’ safety and privacy. Whether it’s the 24-hour security service , fire service, maintenance, or cleaning service, all of services pay great attention to detail in order to provide residents with a smart and worry-free living experience. Housekeeping team of the apartment create a resident file for each and every guest. In this way the team is able to provide a diversified range of services according to guest preferences including daily cleaning, room service, agency services, and concierge services as well as event planning such as birthday party, outdoor adventure training, or a wellness experience tour. Every day in every way, LN Residence serve guests like family, considerate and caring, bringing a dose of humanity into bustling urban life.

 拥有城市印记的温暖社区居所 | Warm Community in an Urban Environment 

As a new franchise of the brand, LN Residence, Changdi Guangzhou is a combination of frontier design concept, quality service, harmonious shared spaces, warm neighborhood atmosphere and smart management, featuring urban characteristics and a fashionable lifestyle, and committed to attract talents to get together to revitalize the old town.

LN Residence, Changdi Guangzhou
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