澳门瑞吉酒吧换新开业 感受卓越不凡的高雅体验 | Revisioned: Discover A Distinct and Luxurious Experience at The St. Regis Bar
澳门瑞吉酒吧换新开业 感受卓越不凡的高雅体验 | Revisioned: Discover A Distinct and Luxurious Experience at The St. Regis Bar

The St. Regis Bar, now situated in its new location on Level 2 of The St. Regis Macau, opened its doors to the public. Reengineered, The St. Regis Bar comes back with all-new, exquisite design in a new location, complete with an enhanced cocktail and food offering, private function rooms, and the launch of ‘The Astor Hour’ daily celebration.

澳门瑞吉酒吧换新开业 感受卓越不凡的高雅体验 | Revisioned: Discover A Distinct and Luxurious Experience at The St. Regis Bar

At the launch celebration, Janet McNab, Multi-Property Vice President of The St. Regis Macau and Sheraton Grand Macau, said The St. Regis Bar will set the benchmark in the Macau market.

她说道:“瑞吉酒吧的高雅氛围,彰显出瑞吉品牌的优雅风格,尽显时尚典雅的格调。我们悉心准备了一系列精选佳酿、多元化的佳肴美馔以及精彩的现场爵士乐表演,为宾客带来超越期待的体验。” 她还提到,“作为繁华的路氹金光大道上唯一一所酒吧,澳门瑞吉酒吧以崭新面貌回归,并保留酒吧高雅别致的独特元素,继续传承品牌经典。酒吧设计优雅时尚,设有三间别具风格的贵宾房,飘扬着爵士乐的曼妙旋律,非常适合亲朋好友欢乐聚会或小酌。”
“The St. Regis Bar builds upon the heritage of the St. Regis brand that is so quintessentially New York, to create a venue of elegance and style, enhanced with the finest cocktails, drinks and dining, as well as live entertainment for guests,” Ms McNab said. “As the only bar on the bustling Cotai Strip, it’s a privilege to launch The St. Regis Bar into the Macau market – carefully preserving the elements that made the original bar such a success, into a much more elevated bar experience. Guests visiting The St. Regis Bar can celebrate over drinks or dinner with friends, immerse themselves in the live jazz entertainment, or admire the stylish contemporary design of the venue, complete with exclusive private function rooms.”

To mark the opening of The St. Regis Bar, guests are invited to ‘The Astor Hour’ daily celebration offering specially priced cocktails and drinks between 6:30-8:30pm. Guests can savor house-made Pisco and Gin punches, the return of much-loved trolley of home-infused gins, as well as a selection of the finest wine, beers and spirits from around the world.

现代奢华私密空间设计 | Intimate and contemporary design

澳门瑞吉酒吧换新开业 感受卓越不凡的高雅体验 | Revisioned: Discover A Distinct and Luxurious Experience at The St. Regis Bar
Designed by Hong Kong architect Steve Leung, this new design theme is unashamedly modern yet cozy, cutting edge, yet sophisticated. Rich timber, supple fabrics and the earthiness of stone combine with crystal highlights bathed in soft light to create an unmatched sense of exquisite luxury.

澳门瑞吉酒吧换新开业 感受卓越不凡的高雅体验 | Revisioned: Discover A Distinct and Luxurious Experience at The St. Regis Bar

瑞吉酒吧设有三间各具风格且配置齐全的贵宾房,包括“品酒阁”、“John Jacob I”及“John Jacob II”。当中,“品酒阁”是一个优雅舒适的聚会场地,房间内色彩丰富的布料搭配纹理独特的木墙、金属质感的灯具、舒适的丝绒沙发以及一系列时尚的配置,营造出舒适的用餐环境,适合举办小型活动或聚餐。而“John Jacob I”和“John Jacob II”是以时尚简约为主题,适合三五知己举办温馨聚会或与摰爱密友一同庆祝特别节日。
For the first time, The St. Regis Bar can now offer three distinct private areas, including the Decanter, John Jacob I and John Jacob II. The Decanter is an exclusive, luxurious space featuring rich fabrics, wood paneling and sumptuous furnishings, and an ideal place for celebrations and gatherings. The twin John Jacob I and John Jacob II rooms offer a stylish yet intimate setting for small groups or informal meetings over drinks.

澳门瑞吉酒吧特色壁画 | The Mural

澳门瑞吉酒吧换新开业 感受卓越不凡的高雅体验 | Revisioned: Discover A Distinct and Luxurious Experience at The St. Regis Bar
每一间瑞吉酒吧都会有一幅专属的壁画,而澳门瑞吉酒吧的壁画展现了昔日澳门港口发展繁荣、生气勃勃的景象。于壁画中,丹顶鹤飞过金黄色的天空,拂过在水中盛开的荷花。传说中,鹤能翩翩于仙凡之间,传统上是长寿的象征,而荷花则代表着澳门这片莲花宝地,整个构图寓意上天一直守护着澳门这片福地。若仔细观察,壁画两旁茂盛碧绿的植物环抱着色彩鲜艳的葡国花公鸡(Barcelos Rooster),与浑天仪、星盘及各种航海仪器相互呼应,渗透出昔日澳门于葡国殖民统治时期的风貌。
Every St. Regis Bar has a signature mural, and in Macau, a specially commissioned mural depicts a lush vision of the city and celebrates the city’s history as a trading port under a rich golden sky. As a traditional symbol of eternity and youth in Chinese culture, a crane overlooks the growth of the city with lotus flowers – a ubiquitous symbol of Macau – blooming in the water. A Barcelos Rooster, an armillary sphere and other navigational tools that pay homage to Macau’s Portuguese and British colonial influence.

经典不凡的酒单 | Cocktails and Beverages

瑞吉酒吧为宾客提供来自全球的精选佳酿及特色调酒,包括来自各间瑞吉酒店的特色血腥玛丽、多款经典鸡尾酒以及“阿斯特时光”特调宾治酒等。宾客更不能错过一系列澳门瑞吉酒吧自家浸制的杜松子酒,调酒师把装满杜松子酒的手推车带到宾客面前,并奉上多款优质汤力水、自家制苦酒、香料及水果干,调酒师会按照宾客的个人喜好调配专属味道,再配以精致的特选美食,让您完全沉浸于优雅舒适的气氛之中。酒吧亦有提供装满大量鲜果装饰的亮丽大型水晶壶制成“触目庆典 – 巨型特调”,盛载不同风格的经典调酒,供宾客与一众亲朋好友共聚分享欢乐时光。
The St. Regis Bar cocktail and beverage selection showcases an exhaustive menu of classic drinks and cocktails using the finest liquors and mixers from around the world. Highlights include the Bloody Mary ‘World Collection’, the signature Maria do Leste Bloody Mary, The Astor Hour punches of various flavors, and a full range of classic cocktails. The St. Regis Bar trolley of in-house infused Gin & Tonics returns, and for the first time, guests can share a Table Celebration of cocktail mixers, served in a lead crystal urn and garnished with freshest fruits and herbs of the season.

Return guests can enjoy a ‘Bottle Keep’ service where we store your unfinished bottle for your next visit. The Bottle Keep service includes a personalized bottle keep-card in a leather case for you to retrieve on your next visit.

多元化的佳肴美馔 | Dining Selection
In true St. Regis tradition, The St. Regis Bar spoils guests with an extensive selection of tantalizing dining menu options, crafted with the finest ingredients sourced from all corners of the globe. Featuring an array of small snacks, light meals, shared plates or more substantial fare, the new dining menu is the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon or evening at The St. Regis Bar.

瑞吉酒吧传承百年的传统 | The St. Regis Bar Rituals
每一间瑞吉酒吧都承传了充满魅力的经典仪式 ——分别有入夜仪式——“刀剑开香槟”以及下午茶仪式。
The St. Regis Bar celebrates its brand heritage with signature St. Regis rituals – champagne sabrage and The St. Regis Afternoon Tea.

In true St. Regis tradition, the ‘evening ritual’ at The St. Regis Bar celebrates the transition from day to evening, and is marked by the spectacle of champagne sabering. There is simply no more dramatic way to open a bottle of the finest champagne, and this ritual ceremony enlivens an evening marks the beginning of a celebratory vibe for the remainder of the night. The evening ritual is held every Thursday to Saturday at 6pm.

瑞吉酒店下午茶仪式——瑞吉X Royal Albert百年经典下午茶套餐,提供了多款咸甜美点,搭配精选的咖啡、Tea WG茗茶及特调茶饮鸡尾酒,令宾客在写意及温馨的环境中,度过惬意的午后。
Afternoon ritual – The St. Regis X Royal Albert 100 Years Afternoon Tea –offers guests an impeccable selection of fine teas and refreshments in the inviting and intimate setting of The St. Regis Bar

最新推出的下午茶套餐,是与同样有百年历史、英国王室御用餐具及著名骨瓷的品牌Royal Albert以崭新方式携手推出。提供一系列的精致英式咸甜美点,如英式松饼、大笨钟伯爵慕斯、伦敦眼巧克力蛋糕及皮卡迪利圆环绿茶巧克力脆饼等,配上设计精美的英式骨瓷茶具及传统银器餐具,让宾客体验传统英式下午茶文化。
The new afternoon tea set represents a collaboration with famed British fine bone china brand, Royal Albert. Featuring a selection of sandwiches and a range of British-inspired sweets including freshly baked scones, Big Ben mousse, The London Eye chocolate cake and Piccadilly Circus, the Afternoon Tea at The St. Regis Bar will satisfy even the most discerning of sweet tooths.

The St. Regis Bar, Macau
2/F The St. Regis Macau, The Londoner Macau, Estrada do Istmo, s/n, Cotai, Macau
营业时间/Opening Hours:
5:00PM – 1:00AM (Monday to Thursday)
2:00PM – 1:00AM (Friday to Sunday)
下午茶时段/Afternoon Tea:
Available from Friday to Sunday, from 2:00PM – 5:30PM
(Classic Afternoon Tea Set will be served at The Manor from 3:00PM – 5:30PM every Monday to Thursday)
“阿斯特时光”/The Astor Hour:
Daily, from 6:30PM – 8:30PM
TEL:+853 – 2882 8898