This year Guangzhou Lingnan Hotel Five was honoured to receive Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH) CEO Filip Boyen. He was joined by SLH Asia Pacific Relations Manager Juliana Tan, as well as 5 representatives of well-known magazines based in Hong Kong for a boutique hotel experience.
今年,广州岭南五号酒店荣幸接待了全球奢华精品酒店首席执行官 Filip Boyen。Filip Boyen在SLH 亚太区公关经理 Juliana Tan 及五家来自香港的知名杂志媒体的陪同下亲临参观广州岭南五号酒店。

In addition to the prominent guest list, an itinerary rich with events was prepared. Following an elaborately prepared luncheon, the guests were treated to a Media Experience Tour of a range of attractions in Guangzhou. These included the city’s Grand Theatre, Lychee Bay, Chen Clan Academy and several other attractions.

2017 SLH Media Dinner (2017 SLH 媒体晚宴)

Following this outing was a drinks reception held at the Hotel Five’s Rooftop Bar, overlooking the iconic Pearl River. The experience did not end there, with the guests being later lead to the private library for an exquisite dinner, accompanied by samples of some of China’s finest wines. Cheers and laughter filled the air as the night finally came to a close.
活动之后,客人们来到 Hotel Five’s Rooftop 酒吧举行的开胃酒会,品酒之余俯瞰标志性的珠江美景,随后,客人又来到私人图书馆享用顶级晚餐,搭配中国精选葡萄酒。是夜,欢声笑语。

CEO Filip Boyen even admitted that this was his first visit to the Guangzhou LN Five Hotel, a member of his luxury hotel group.

Filip Boyen 给出了这样的评价

“This being my first visit to the Lingnan Hotel Five, I never thought that the SLH Hotel in Guangzhou was of such a high standard. From welcoming snacks to gifts at the reception and dinner, all so that I could appreciate the Cantonese culture! I was very impressed by the warmth with which I was greeted, the maintenance of eye contact, and the meticulous efforts made with service in particular.”

The LN Hotel Five is the first upscale boutique hotel in Guangzhou, joining an elite group of exclusive, independently-owned hotels from more than 70 countries, and in the process bringing a new line of luxury to this cultured and historic city.

Certainly an eventful visit, this year’s SLH media experience has been an engaging one, one which the lucky guests won’t forget in a hurry!