余盈, 犀利微杂志社长 @ Yvonne Yu, Owner, Sillynanomag, Macau.

DB: 您什么时候创立‘犀利微杂志’?为什么呢?When and why did you start SILLY NANO MAG?

This brand was established in July 2016 and as you can see, it is very young. In Macau, there barely exists a small but independent publishing firm. After setting up the publishing firm, the first brand we launched was SILLY NANO MAG, which serves as a website that introduces the latest news on ‘how to enjoy fun in Macau’ to our readers. Well, this is just the first step. After all, publishing books and magazines is our ultimate goal.

DB: 澳门有许多媒体机构和公司,‘犀利微杂志’的重点在哪些方面?Macau has many media companies, what are the special focuses of SILLY NANO MAG?

At the very beginning, we really hope our website to be an online or offline sales medium, not only providing various useful information and events in Macau but also selling products such as designers’ works, exhibition and concert tickets and products from other workshops. Unfortunately, due to the inefficiency of Macau’s logistics, we so far have to lay aside this service and will launch it again together with our printed products.

DB: 身为一名曾在各大媒体机构工作的资深编辑,您是如何将这些经验应用于运营‘犀利微杂志’上?As a senior editor for many companies before, how does the previous editorial experience assist you to run SILLY NANO MAG?

I have been working for magazines for 12 years and printed products are always my favourites. However, I can’t ignore the powerful trend of new media. In 2015, I left the printed industry. I think my previous experiences belong to the past and now I need to look ahead and keep learning. Managing operation can’t merely rely on your past experiences, you need to keep learning to make greater progress instead. My new company has taught me many new skills and widened my horizon.

DB: ‘犀利微杂志’一直出产许多优秀写作内容和文案,并吸引了不少阅读量。您能聚下一些经典的例子吗?SILLY NANO MAG produces many contents that attract many page views. Could you list some?

Being short of hands, SILLY NANO MAG only has a few feature-length contents, but we have done a series of interviews on Macau’s antique shops and traditional industries, which woos our readers. In addition, our team is now working on the free magazines <City and Book> (quarterly) for Macau Library. So we will focus more on the features related to books in the future.

DB: 除了编辑文案方面的内容,‘犀利微杂志在未来会着重发展哪些业务?Apart from editorial works, what will SILLY NANO MAG concentrate on in the future?

The media is now Omnimedia-driven. I hope that every in the company can stand out to become an opinion leader in this industry or continue his/her ultimate pursuit in this industry. As is mentioned above, we will continue to perfect our printed products such as books and magazines and we will also work on planning some artistic events and workshops.

DB:我们能从什么渠道了解更多‘犀利微杂志’?Where can we get more information about Sillynanomag?

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