Vinciane DUMSER, 深圳French Touch Kitchen的共同持有者 - Co-owner, French Touch Kitchen, Shenzhen.
DB:您是怎么想到自制“午餐盒”的想法?How did you come up with the idea of home-made food ‘lunch box’?

It all started because in China, it’s difficult to find a western meal that combines freshness, affordability, diversity, and that is also balanced! That’s how we decided to offer a unique full set menu per day, prepared in the very morning.

DB:  “午餐盒”的多样性是如何在菜单上体现的?最受欢迎的午餐盒有哪些?How does the ‘lunch box’ work with its diverse menus and what are the most popular speciality lunch boxes people often order?

No headache picking dishes from a menu, the menu is unique and changing every single day: a starter, an appetiser, a main hot dish with its side, a dessert, a fruit portion. A veggie option is also available.

Each Thursday is world cuisine, they are usually very popular (India, Chile, South Africa, Madagascar, Japan…). Typical French dishes are also a hit (quenelles lyonnaise or duck confit for example), as well as other worldwide known dishes such as Lasagnas or… Fajitas!

DB: 这个品牌成功的背后不仅仅是它创新的想法,还有其幕后的厨师,您能和我们简要介绍一下吗?The success of French Touch Kitchen is not just about the cool idea, but also the chef. Could you briefly introduce him to us?

Chef Thomas Ligout puts is heart and creativity concocting affordable, tasty and balanced lunch boxes. Great traveller and culinary all-rounder, Thomas learned the basis of French traditional cooking in the area of Lyon, France. His food is unique and reflects all the countries he visited, added to French techniques and the savoir-faire of his experience.

DB: 食品精品店是什么?What is the grocery boutique about?

Once or twice per month, we organise private sales: customers order from a list of available French grocery products (Toulouse sausages, pâtés, rillettes, etc.), we then produce based on their orders, and deliver to them. And good news, we now deliver in whole Guangdong! Why do we do it this way? First, for FRESHNESS (the products are the freshest you can find as we produce them especially for you!). Second, AFFORDABILITY (costs related to a physical store would impact the selling price). Third, SUSTAINABILITY: avoiding waste and overpackaging, promoting direct relationships between producers and consumers… That’s 100% aligned with FTK values!

DB: 您们团队亦提供餐饮和宴会的承办服务,具体流程是如何呢?Your team in this magical open kitchen also provides catering services, how does it work exactly?

Today, because the events we cater for are very different, we design each menu accordingly. But between us, the events we prefer are the French Guinguette evenings we organise once or twice per year in Shenzhen! Gathering more than 300 people, they feature live music, French food & wines, a friendly atmosphere and usually a few surprises…

DB:我们能从什么渠道了解更多‘French Touch Kitchen’?Where can we get more information about French Touch Kitchen?

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