Summer Palace will launch a brand-new affordable luxury journey in August. This inspiring journey will first take guests to a two-day Michelin gourmet experience—a set menu with wine paring—hosted by guest chef Chan Kwok Wah from the acclaimed 2-star Michelin restaurant Shang Palace of Kowloon Shangri-La, Hong Kong. One of the highlights of this experience is the introduction of caviar, a domestic produce with both world-class quality and sustainable philosophy at its core. The caviar theme will continue to shine in the Summer Caviar Menu at Summer Palace throughout August to let guests enjoy this special journey even further.

Michelin Gourmet Experience

Born and raised in Hong Kong, guest chef Chan Kwok Wah from Shang Palace will bring with him a six-course signature set menu with wine pairing for a two-day Michelin gourmet experience. Each course on the menu is a testimony to the chef’s years of expertise in Cantonese cuisine.


Sautéed Fresh Milk & Egg White with Caviar Served in a Golden Cup

Fried Fresh Milk is a classic Cantonese dish that tests a chef’s frying techniques and command of cooking temperature. The major ingredient of this dish is a mixture of fresh milk with egg white and starch. To fry such delicate components, the chef needs to carefully repeat two actions: stir the fresh mixture to the centre of the heat and then push the cooked egg white to a cooler side of the wok. Everything has to be done within 2-3 minutes. Once the mixture is 80% cooked, it is ready for plating. The finished product resembles soft white clouds in the sky with silky texture and rich milky flavour. One of the ingredients used is equally delicate but powerful. It is a cluster of dark brown crystal balls with a diameter of 2.5-3mm. It carries with it exceptionally rich flavours and a subtle sweet afternote. Russian emperors were crazy about it and European royalty craved it. This tiny little ingredient is caviar—a delicacy that is well worthy of its nickname ‘soft gold’ on the dining table. For this Micheline recipe, Chef replaces chopped nuts and cured ham—the two traditional toppings—with caviar. The rich taste and the subtle nutty note of the caviar instantly boosts the flavour and enhances the quality of this classic Cantonese dish.

Braised Bird’s Nest Soup with Alaska Crab Meat and Conpoy

The time and energy Cantonese people put into soup making is sufficient to illustrate its prime position in their diet. For a 2-star Michelin menu, the soup course is no exception. The soup base takes 6 hours to prepare, using fresh chicken, pork of the best cut and cured ham. The sumptuous ingredients, such as the prime bird’s nest, fish maw and Alaska crab meat, require care and precision in handling. While cooking, ingredients need to be added in a particular order, and each tick tock becomes vital to bring out the best of the soup.

Baked Whole Abalone & Inaniwa Noodles with Cheese served in a Mini Pumpkin

This dish is a fusion of Western baking technique and Japanese ingredient. Chef chooses hand-made Inaniwa noodles, a flatter version of dry udon, for its smooth and refreshing texture. It does echo with the silky taste of the abalone. While it absorbs all the sweet juice of the pumpkin, a hint of cheese flavour in every bite instantly enhances the base taste of the entire dish. Indeed, every ingredient is there to complement each other, so do not get the cheese wrong. It is not simply a nice Western touch to this dish.

Michelin Gourmet Experience
Promotion Time:
19:00-21:30, 11-12 August 2017 (Friday & Saturday)
Selling Price:
RMB 1,088 net per person
Early Bird Price:
RMB888 net per person
Additional Wine Pairing:
RMB200 net per person