DB: 请问贵公司被评为最佳表现企业,有什么感想想要分享的吗? What do you think of your company being awarded as Top Performers ?

I feel very glad, very proud and I feel very much honored. Over the last ten or twenty years, I believe that the European Chamber of Commerce has gained a very high prestige in China. This is the case not only with the European companies but also with the central, north and local governments. The voice of the European Chamber of Commerce in China has acquired meaning and so to be voted as the top performing chamber company is of course a very big honor.

DB: 请问可以分享一下作为中国欧盟商会成员的经历和体验吗? What are your company’s experiences as a member of the EU Chamber?

I have been in my current job for five years, but we have been members for longer. In the past, we have been more active in the European Chamber. For example, for a while we were engaged with different kinds of groups such as the purchasing group, manufacturing group and so on. I know the chamber well and I know the chamber members well. There are lots of things the chamber is offering that are very interesting. It is also very important as a European company that we establish a voice. On certain days, we’ve been involved in position purpose and so on.

DB: 请问可否讲述一下贵公司未来的计划是如何与大湾区的规划协调一致的呢?Would you like to share how the future plans of your company will conform to the development of Greater Bay Area?

The development of the Greater Bay Area does not necessarily influence us. As a city, Foshan is only just manifesting. 20 years ago, it was just back water. I’ve been in Foshan for more than 5 years and I previously lived in Beijing.  My wife, who is Chinese, was shocked when I told her I wanted to live in Foshan. “What?!” she said. “That’s unbelievable!” I think that many cities in China are underrated and Foshan is one of them. It is a modern city with reasonable costs, especially compared to Hong Kong, Shanghai or even Guangzhou and Shenzhen. In Foshan, you are still in an interesting part of the Greater Bay Area and you are within a network. People in Guangzhou can still easily meet you in the Foshan area and so I think it is an ideal location.

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